Being a software developer can be a demanding job at times. This article hands out a few tips to keep on track and stay healty. Both physically and mentally.

Communicate work matters digitally, communicate private matters personally.

When working in a digital environment it's probably best to stay there when interacting with colleagues about work related matters. With todays tooling, information sharing possibilities are endless. Sharing your screen, sending a usefull link or showing a code snippet that saves a ton of work is very easy nowadays. One note however. To keep thing social try to turn on the webcam once in a while. Keeping a personal touch is always a healthy thing to do.

If things tend to get more personal, move away from the digital domain. Go talk to people in person. Preferably reserve a space so as not to bother other colleagues.

Devise a time management method or follow the existing models.

Time management is essential for a productive developer. Of course it's a matter of personal preference but a handy time strategy can be very advantageous in the long run. For example set a time to work on a specific problem. if you get stck, leave it for a later moment. Often the problem is solved within secondswith a fresh view on the issue.

One popular technique for this is called Pomodoro. It uses timeboxing to get work done in intervals.

Work on your lightning.

It's advisable to work on your lightning. During the day but especially at night when twilight falls.
Make sure there's enough daylight coming in the room during the day and create comfortable lightning at night time.

Although not totally scientifically proven it could help to filter blue light from your screen.
Windows 10 now comes with a built-in blue light filter which can be configured in seconds.
If you're not convinced blue light filters are for you then at least configure the brightness of your screen. Most of the time the levels are far to high because of your default day-time configuration.

Excercice helps to clear the mind and reduces stress.

This one is more straight forward and a little bit obvious but many studies in the past have proven that working out helps you, not only physically, but also mentally. Find out what works best for you.

Change your workplace once in a while.

Work remote, at a bar or cafe or somewhere else you feel comfortable and have access to a quality internet connection. Much more simple is to just change your seat in the office. This could lead to new insights since new colleagues around bring other ideas and perspectives.

Shut down you computer.

In the domain of software development work is never done. You can always keep on going working on that one feature, improvement or bug fix. Keep you time frames in mind and log off. Don't be afraid to let something go. It help keeping a clear distinction in determining whether something is vital and needs to be done or not.

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