As an all-round web enthousiast and developer thus contributor I'm learning every day in an ever evolving environment. My main preference goes to developing solutions on the back-end but I consider myself proficient in most of the fields of front-end development too.

I've worked with many technology stacks such as .NET / .NET Core / Php and NodeJS, done a lot of things on the front-end side with preprocessors like LESS and SASS, frameworks like VueJS and Angular. Sometimes I also work on project using Identityserver using OpendId Connect.

I started FungyBytes to return something to the community. How many times before have I not landed on another developer's blog who made the effort to provide information and answers I needed. This is the motivation for contributing something back too. Therefore I hope developers but also other people active in the informatics industry find the information provided here helpfull.

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