This platform is all about sharing information relevant to the computer technology industry. There are some focus areas in the case of software and frameworks though. Most articles presented here will have a common ground with .NET / .NET Core / C# and tools and ulities that work well on this stack such as Visual Studio, Docker, TFS, Azure and such. As for the front-end concerns, VueJs, Less, Sass and Razor are topics that will be discussed.

In a more general sense, this platform offers information about how to make a developers live more easy. Not only as in CI/DI tools for example but also time saving strategies, how to become a better programmer and how to deal with peripheral issues like sales and marketing.

Who owns FungyBytes?

As it currently stands FungyBytes is owned by Tom Schimmel. As an all-round web enthousiast and developer thus contributor I'm learning every day in an ever evolving environment. My main preference goes to developing solutions on the back-end but I consider myself proficient in most of the fields of front-end development too.

I started FungyBytes to return something to the community. How many times before have I not landed on another developer's blog who made the effort to provide information and answers I needed. This is the motivation for contributing back.

Can I contribute too?

We invite everyone, not only developers, to share their knowledge here. If you have anything that might be relevant please send a message to 

If you have any questions or remarks please feel free to contact FungyBytes via or give us a tweet @fungybytes


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